Elliott's Family Karate Academy

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Elliott's Family Karate Academy offers classes for family members of all ages. Classes run continously so you can start anytime!

Tiny Tigers

Classes for the younger students are held earlier in the evening after school to allow parents time to get home from work and the little ones time to get their homework done before class. Children as young as 4 are welcome to join.

You can join your child in class.

Family Classes

The family classes are for everyone. We have several father & son, mother & daughter families as well as at least one father, mother, daughter, daugher, son & son family.

Karate is a family bond builder and a great exercise program.

Private Lessons

If you are looking for individualized private training to extend your existing skills or to get started in the martial arts EKF offers private and private group lessons for individuals and families.

Competition Team

Take your skills to the next level by competing in local, regional, and national competitions. Whether your interested in forms, weapons, or sparring competition EFK is the place to get ready for your next first place finish.

BIG Congratulations to Team EFK for an outstanding performance and display of team camaraderie, professionalism, respect and sportsmanship this past weekend in Pennsylvania! This tournament was also a WKC Regional qualifier - We had five team members attempting to qualify for the national competition and an opportunity to represent the United States at the WKC world championships in 2019 - all five qualified!

Extremely proud of each of these guys, please congratulate them as you see them!

Team Picture