Elliott's Family Karate Academy offers classes for Tiny Tigers (4-7) and family members of all ages. Classes run continously for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students as well as speciality classes such as sparring.

Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced students follow a three level rotation of classes between levels. With the right focus, practice, and attitude a student will progress in belt levels as they complete each rotation. Because these rotations run continuously a student can join in any rotation and still be sure to get training on all the required techniques before progressing to a higher level.

Please see the schedule page for detailed class schedules and email us if you have any questions .

All classes are 30 minutes long. Leadership student classes are an additional 15 minutes focused on leadership, sparring, and weapons.

Tiny Tigers

Classes for the younger students are held earlier in the evening after school to allow parents time to get home from work and the little ones time to get their homework done before class. See the schedule page for details on when classes are held including Saturday morning classes.


Beginner Tiny Tigers focus on the fundamentals of focus and discipline by exercising the proper classroom behaviour and basic karate moves. These fundamentals set a foundation for learning that will support their studies not only at Elliott's, but in other learning environments as well. Watch your 4-7 year old start to stand at attention, listen, learn, and respect his/her peers. Beginner students have fun, laugh, and learn the basics. Reverse punch, back fist, high block, low block, front kick, side kick, and kia are just some of the terms you'll learn as you watch your little one grow. In addition, Tiny Tigers, learn a bit about bullying and self defense including a few maneuvers to difuse, defend, and deter aggressive behaviour.


The million dollar team! Tiny Tigers who earn their Green Belt move to the Advanced class. These students are expected to know the fundamental moves and be dangerous. Like the beginner classes, discipline and fundamentals continue to be the core lessons. The million dollar team is expected to be disciplined, focused, and hard working as well as dangerous! Anti-bullying and self-defense continue to be hot topics during lessons while the students begin to learn more advanced moves and focus on solid, effective combinations.

Family Classes

The family classes are for everyone. We have several father/son, mother/daughter families as well as at least one father/mother/daughter/daugher/son/son group of families participating. Karate is a great family bond builder and a good exercise program.


The beginner class teaches the basics of Martial Arts including both the martial and the arts pieces and provides the foundaton for class behaviour and expectations. Students of all ages learn the basic stances, punches, and kicks in the American FreeStyle Karate system. The school follows a rotation system that allows students to enter class at any time and still begin to learn immediately. This class will allow you or your entire family to begin their journey in Martial Arts. Come out today and find out about "Star Blocks" as well as basic kicks like front, flip, and roundhouse as well as basic hand moves such as the backfist, reverse punch, and cross chop.


Continue your journey with the mix of beggining and more advanced intermediate students. At this level students begin to learn not only from Master Elliot, but from one another as well as they learn to become not only students, but mentors as well. That doesn't mean that Master Elliot doesn't lead every class, he does, you will find; however, that the 'family' in Elliott's Family Karate begins to build bonds between students so that they want to help and learn from helping one antoher. Of course, we begin to take the physical to the next level as well with double-action kicks, skipping kicks, spinning kicks, and jumping kicks as well as more advanced self-defense moves and sparring combinations.


Advanced classes are for those students who have obtained a certain level of mastery and knowledge as well as achieving a Red belt ranking. This is also the class where the black belts hang out. Well, hang out isn't exactly right. This is the class where they perfect the skills they've learned over the years to allow them to achieve the black belt rank. In this class many students operate semi-independently on their own focused areas of the martial arts whether it be sparring, forms (katas), or weapons. Certainly classes contain consistent teaching and reemphasize the fundamentals to help ensure students retain their earlier training. At this level students are expected to help one another subconsciously while still learning from Master Elliot and the other ranking black belts. Remember, black belt isn't the end, it is just the beginning of a journey in self-mastery and knowledge.

Streetwise: Fitness-Kickboxing

Learn the devastating striking ability of a proven martial arts system while toning, conditioning, and energizing your body. If you want to focus on toning and exercise this is the class for you!

Leadership Program

Stay tuned...The leadership program is an important aspect of Elliott's Family Karate and deserves good attention...


Stay tuned...I know, for how long, we have one of the top female fighters in the world, Gina Thornton, helping us train the next generation of sparring champions and we need to do these classes justice. From drills to pratical application within the ring as well as strength building this class allows those students interested in sparring competition to take their game to the next level.

Please see the schedule page for detailed class schedules.